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Your success is crucial to our success.

Your website or webshop was created for a purpose. A purpose is a broader, long-term goal, while a goal is a specific target that you aim to achieve.

So, what is the goal of your marketing efforts? It is an important question to ask. Your story, your product, and brand need to be shared with potential new prospects and customers. At Checkmate we provide a 360-solution for your online marketing, unlike other digital agencies.

This means we can work from the content you provide, but we also have the ability to produce the content needed for your activities. We offer in-house production of both photoshoots and video services, and combined with our copywriters’ silky smooth words, you’ll have a pretty good marketing partner in Checkmate. That way we got you covered on social media, Google (paid and organic), email marketing and much more.

Did you know that

>70% of Danes are on social media

Social media

When a marketing strategy is being developed, social media is an essential component

A strong presence on social media builds brand loyalty.

If you, as a company, engage on social media you’ll suddenly be at eye level with your target audiences and communicate more like what you may really be: a collective group who shares a vision, a product, or a service.

Checkmate is here to assist our clients with all aspects related to social media. This does not just apply to the basic setup of your company’s profile page – but it also applies to:

Organic posts
Paid Promotions
Display ads
Data collection
..and more

Did you know that

Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute


Can't find your website on Google?

It’s no fun having a great website without any visitors.

Millions and millions of people use search engines every day to find services, products etc. – so why shouldn’t your website appear too? Especially if your product or brand is relevant?

SEO is all about the relevance of your content and keywords in that content… i.e. the keywords you want to be found on.

Keywords are words, phrases and topics that define your content, product or services. Google loves it when your material matches what people search for – so start typing away!

Some think email marketing is dead

Let's get right to the point. It's not dead. Not at all.

Email marketing has been a reliable, successful medium for over two decades. Now, email is more popular than ever before.

Email marketing is an incredibly effective tool for converting people to customers or members.

Email marketing allows us to segment and target our customers based on behavior and interests, creating direct conversions.

As Mark Twain said:

Data is like garbage.

You’d better know what you are going to do with it before you collect it.

Everyone emphasizes the significance of data and its role in business success, yet few truly understand how to collect and process this information legally and ethically.

Without taking into account benchmarks, past performance and future objectives, none of your marketing activities will be truly impactful.

At Checkmate, we love data and we will hold your hand when collecting information from marketing activities – this way, we can guarantee transparency and demonstrate its worth to you.

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