Digital flavors crafted with creative care.

Your digital drool will flow freely.

Creativity. A word that is being thrown around loosely these days, like was it a helmet-strapped dwarf in the 1980s.

At our agency it’s quite simple. Creativity is not a goal by itself, but a tool or mindset we use every day to reach the goals of our clients.

Creativity is always present when we design brand identities, create marketing campaigns and develop web applications – you’ll probably notice this, next time we meet.

We call it digital flavors crafted with creative care, and we can talk about that for hours.

But before we do, you’ll get the short version here.


Checkmate er et digitalt bureau i København


Checkmate is a creative digital agency – and yeah, it’s often a confusing hunt to find the right one. So we will make it easy for you.

We are who we are (who else?!). We write and speak in our own way. We are loud when we laugh but also when we don’t. People say we are friendly and loving (we’ll let you decide).

Most importantly we are straight shooters – meaning we speak plain, honest and direct. For some people that won’t work, and for others it is just what they need. If you belong to the latter, we will definitely have fun while working on your next digital project.

A creative digital agency in Copenhagen

Some of our dear clients
Do you also feel the heat between us?

We’ll bring flowers
on our first date