We are a creative digital agency

Creativity is our superpower.
Your digital problem is the supervillain.

We believe that creativity is the solution to any problem.

No matter what challenges you face, creativity is our way to overcome them.

Digital problems come in many forms and shapes – and by approaching them from different perspectives with a bit of creative seasoning, we will find the key steps for the solution.

At Checkmate we assist companies, across all industries and sizes – whether it’s a new website, a new brand identity or a razor-sharp marketing strategy and execution.

Our agency is founded of young and curious talents who are all cross-skilled in communication, graphic design, UX/UI, coding and marketing.

What we live for

A thirst for crafting remarkable digital productions.

We believe the design and development of strategic digital productions is the coolest thing ever. From creative design to websites, online marketing, PPC ads, SEO optimization, visual identities – we’re totally in awe!

At our agency, we understand how frustrating it must be to pick the right agency or partner – at its core, trust is the answer – something we take very seriously and value highly.

If you’re the kind of client who enjoys long and complex processes with a technical jargon that confuses more than it helps, Checkmate is surely not your ideal digital agency.

We take great pleasure in being an integrated part of your company rather than just being a “standard supplier”.

Team Checkmate

Meet your new best friends

If we were you, we’d want to see what strange people are behind the agency.

Anyone can call themselves a digital agency, but underneath may just be two mopeds in underpants coding from the basement.

That’s where we come from, but today we’re a bunch of digital freaks who are looking forward to cracking your digital problems.

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