Our interests after closing time

Everyone should have some interests. That said, here is ours.

When we’re not having fun working on clients’ projects, we all like to pursue our own interests.

No matter if it’s dancing around in circles to music or knocking out a friend in the local boxing ring, we need to unwind so our focus is sharp and ready to craft digital flavors with creative care the following day.

Checkmate er et digitalt bureau i København


We love plants.
But we hate to water them.
We also love gyros.
Checkmate's top 3 series
Checkmate's band consists of
The agency's favorite wine

The cheeks become pink and the smile becomes even wider.

It has certainly captured our hearts and become the agency’s wine of choice.

When this sun-ripened Pinot Noir from California hits the lips, both men and women become productive and delighted. Creativity spreads around the office as this delicious wine is shared.

Erik Sørensen Vin offers a special 15% Checkmate discount on wine purchases.

Who runs the music?

On Friday nights, choose the DJ you want and avoid awkward office fights!

Do we have interests in common?

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